Monday, October 28, 2013

Enjoy the ride


     So many changes, and I don't only mean external things, like moving the house, etc. But yes, I moved to a new place, a house in Barking. I wrote little bit about it few entries ago. La casa de Maria, amazing Italian girl, who found us on gumtree. I’m here from Saturday. On Thursday we had a big good bye party in the Factory. David, Joel, Kriss, Petra, Marius, Ricote and his couchsurfing friend. Jam session until morning, wine, weed, dance, improvised songs, laugh and talks. Sounds bit decadent, I know, but it wasn’t. A friend (thank u, Colleen:), wrote me some time ago, that life is a ride, so why not to enjoy it. I’m not saying that from now I want to be a party animal, but I just try to go with the flow, stop to worry too much, take things as they come, not strive for perfection all the time. The truth is that for the last few weeks I feel happy. Relaxed, laid back, full of hope, alive.

     I’m reading a book by Brene Brown, where she’s prizing the power of vulnerability. There is something in it. Accepting our vulnerability gives us the sense of higher protection and internal power. When we reject it, trying to control everything around us, we fall from grace, if you will. I think that a big part of anxiety and depression comes from our failure to control our lives. Or rather I mean it comes from our very intent to control. Failure? We are always going to fail, when we want to control everything. We are just doomed to do so. But that’s the secret – to let it go. To enjoy the ride, as Colleen put it.

     In an hour David comes. We will rehearse few songs and then try some busking in the city. We've been playing for a while now, but never did streets together. Let’s see how it goes, I’ll write a “report” later. I have a week off, so can chill out, try to enjoy de callejear. Then on Friday, Tania comes, and so the new chapter starts.


  1. Hope the busking is fun! I like the drawing very much. All bright blessings, and the best for your new home.

  2. Thank u Colleen!
    Oh yes, I got the books by Brene Brown and the one u recommended me a couple of years ago, "Exploring our hunger to belong". Started Brow, great stuff.